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Neighbors behaviors

Posted by bellachai , 10 October 2012 · 48 views

I live in a small rural town. The county I live in's population is around 9000. Mostly farm, orchard, horse, cattle and sheep county. I live in town.

I live on a small street, only 7 houses. The back of my house has a gate to a city park that has no equipment just grass. But I do have neighbors.

When my daughter and I were leaving to go out to my mother's I noticed someone had gotten rid of my weeds in my front yard. Whoever did it pulled them and then picked up what they pulled. I could not imagine who would do such a thing and I could not even thank them.

Later on I got to thinking that my new next door neighbors have had one of their dogs not knowing how to shut up been barking for 3 days straight plus pounding of something almost as annoying sound wise maybe they did it cause they had worked on their front yard. I went over there to ask.

Well they actually were my old neighbors. They fixed it up from a foreclosure sale then rented it out. Those neighbors left in the night so my old neighbors were there to once again get it ready to rent.

The renters had a tanning bed in the house and in their haste chose not to disassemble it and broke the frame of several doorways to get it out. Why would you want a tanning bed in your house taking up that much space?

Anyway it was my old neighbor's three children who pulled my weeds. So I gave them some of the apples we came home with and let them hold one of my sweet ferrets. I got to thank someone and felt better.

My daughter and my bedrooms face the street and across the not wide enough street is only one house. These neighbor's have been there only 2 years.

The first year they had a fire that started in their fireplace. They had a relative living in a storage shed in their driveway. They cut a hole in to put in an air conditioner but there were no windows. They also had relatives living in a very small trailer parked by the mailboxes. They were slobs leaving their trash and crap outside the trailer. So the police told them to move.

These neighbors have a small yappy dog that escapes their yard and runs after people barking all the way trying to nip at their heals. I do not have the strength to put up with it so I send my daughter's boyfriend to get the mail. The dog is afraid of him.

These neighbors also have a rooster and 6 hens in their front yard which is not illegal although they did have the police there cuz the chickens at first were allowed to roam free in the neighborhood. They made quite a poop mess on my carport so someone else did not like it either. The rooster starts crowing at 5am and stops at 6:30am.

I received my food allowance which includes my daughter since she is living here yesterday. She and her boyfriend went grocery shopping after he got off work. I wrote the list and at the bottom in red ink I listed SOMETHING CHOCOLATE. I did not get any but they bought a strawberry cake mix with cotton candy icing to top it with. Not too tasty if you ask me. So I think if I get desperate I will drink some Hersey chocolate syrup plain from a shot glass.

I do not understand people and I don't care to anymore.

Blessings to all

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