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Always a blood issue

Posted by bellachai , 02 October 2012 · 39 views

Yesterday I felt pretty good. I had an appointment at the Rat Poison clinic to check my INR (the thickness/thinness of my blood). It was 3.1. Not a bad place to be but adjusted my Warfarin to maintain it as is or lower it a bit so have to go again next week.

I thought that I was strong enough yesterday to go with my daughter to Walmart to do some shopping. I have not been outside or anywhere for over 3 weeks. BUT I was wrong and it was too much. I insisted on walking rather than riding those motorized carts. Thinking that the excersize of walking would be good for me. It caused a fibromyalgia flare up and unbelievable fatigue. Today I am suffering from a higher level of pain in legs, knees and ankles.

This morning I had an appointment with the hemotologist, Dr. M. I waited in the waiting room for 45 minutes, 45 minutes in an exam room and Dr. M was with me for another 45 minutes.

Dr. M told me that due to my recent 10 day ICU stay with bilateral pulmonary embolisms, underlying double bacterial pnuemonia and right ventrical failure I would be on Warfarin for the rest of my life. Since I was treated for pnuemonia in August they are presuming that I aspriated fluid in my lungs from the endoscopy.

He told me that I would have to go to the rat poison clinic for the rest of my life to monitor my blood thickness/thinness. I told him that I would rather die from bleeding to death rather than experiencing any more blood clots in my lungs as it would be less painful and very little suffering.

Also since they did not find a slow bleed internally from the endoscopy and colonoscopy that I will more than likely have to have periodic iorn infusions to treat my anemia.

Dr. M still wants to pursue identifing what kind of clotting disorder I have especially since they were unprevoked pulmonary embolisms which means they did not come from another part of my body. There are 100s of them. It does not matter what kind of clotting disorder I have really for me but if they can identify it then my children can be tested and treated accordingly before either of them develope clots. This made me cry as I do not want my children to be at risk for such a life threatening disorder. He told me that he identifies clotting disorders 70% of the time. If he cannot identify it then there is no way to screen my children. That makes me so sad. There are so many ways to curse children not even connected to abuse.

Dr. M is intrigued cuz as far as I know there are no family members that has had blood clots. He thinks I am a complex mystery. Again as I have said before I would rather be some other kind of mysterious. So they took some blood today then in two weeks they will do some more blood tests and I will meet with Dr. M.

Dr. M approved a application for handicapped parking which will save me some breath. I want it so I can send a copy of to Social Security for additional evidence hoping they will approve me for disability. If the state of Colorado deems me handicaped then how can they turn me down?

Dr. M also gave me copies of my hospital reports while in ICU. I read it all today and it is just so depressing and scary of how critical I was when they admitted me to the ICU. There was however two items that made me laugh. The attending physican that admitted me and took care of me in ICU was a very serious hot doctor. Wow maybe that is why my heart did not stop or why I did not go into shock. Had to hang around and drool over him. Anyway he has a very strange last name; Vansomphone and I call him handsome with or without the phone.

So anyway Dr. handsome with or without a phone wrote the following in his reports:

"Exam reveals a very pleasant middle-aged (ouch) white female in respiratory distress"

"This woman actually looks clinically much better than her perilous oxygen status."

Ah I think he liked me :P :lol: I am grateful for any kudos these days.

Blessings to all

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