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Damn it!

Posted by bellachai , 25 September 2012 · 43 views

I had what seemed like an endless list of phone calls to make and appointments to set. I had to leave a message with most and played phone tag with most. Today I still have some phone tagging to do cuz I turned my phone off to take a much needed nap then it was too late in the day to return messages.

I did find out that my daughter through my home health provider can do some of my home health care and get paid up to 8 hours a week. She will being doing that anyway for the next month as I gather some lost strength so she might as well get some money for it. I have been given 12 hours a week home health care an increase of 6 hours not counting the 8 my daughter will do.

My daughter's boyfriend is still working but not at Taco Bell. Subway offered him a job at a higher rate. His first and last paycheck at Taco Bell he used to turn on my gas so we can have running hot water and heat as it is starting to get cold at night. No more heating up water on my electric stove to bathe and such. :yahoo:

But damn it yesterday morning around 4am I awoke needing to go to the bathroom and it was urgent. It was still dark in the house and I fell in the hallway. I was not dizzy nor feeling like I wanted to pass out. My oxygen sats were good although I did not have oxygen on at the time as it is only 15 feet to the bathroom. No it was I think going to fast on weak legs. My right leg just went out from me. My back hit the corner of the wall and I slid down. It does not take much to bruise me still so I have line of purple down my back and a small scratch. The fall did not scare me either. I got right up.

The upside of the fall was that I did not break any bones or the wall, I did not wake anyone and I made it to the bathroom without wetting my pants.

Damn it, last night I forgot to turn my oxygen on with the nose hose (CPAP) so did not sleep as well. :duh: :dohdoh:

Then damn it there is my mother..... I just have not processed her behavoir through all this and know I need to so soon I hope.

blessings to all

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