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Mom Interupted

Posted by bellachai , 12 September 2012 · 40 views

I don't like sharing my computer with my daughter and her boyfriend. It means I don't get to be here as long or when I want to be. My daily time online is limited :tear:

Little miracles do happen. My daughter's boyfriend got a job at Taco Bell. He started yesterday. Now I am wishing, hoping and praying he keeps it. I also am wishing, hoping and praying my daughter finds a job as well. Looking forward to when my daughter and her boyfriend move out of my home.

I find their relationship somewhat disturbing and it unnerves me at times. I would not want to be either of them. My daughter has some extreme mood swings and she is a jeckel and hyde. I believe that her hypothyroidism, PMDD and birth control are somehow contributing to her roller coaster rides. I also believe she should be on an antidepresant which she is resistent to go back one even though both her boyfriend and I try to encourage her to consider it.

Thank goodness my daughter does not speak to me in the manner she does her boyfriend. Her boyfriend Fake Jake still does not understand: stop it, quit it, no, and leave me alone. So then there is a fight of raised voices and some colorful name calling.

Well now my daughter is staring at me to be done so she and can watch a movie or something online so will stop for now.

Blessings to all

Sep 12 2012 08:46 PM
Bella, I hope you get your computer and your peace and quiet back soon.... It is good to hear from you even if it is a short post. Take care.
i hope he keeps his job, she gets a job, and you get your house and computer back.

you're a very tolerant, patient person you know.

(((love and hugs)))
Sep 16 2012 12:36 PM
I hope your daughter and her boy-friend will leave you in peace soon. Can't imagine how difficult it must be to have them back in your life, even with the few improvements in the circumstances. Take good care, Bella.

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