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Posted by bellachai , 19 August 2012 · 43 views

Got a little money today so sent my daughter and Jake to the drive in movies tonight so it is blissfully quiet and peaceful. :thumbsup:

Yesterday I did what I always do and that is play the peacemaker. My ex called our daughter yesterday and the next thing I know she is in her room bawling her eyes out and he is calling me furious that she hung up on him.

According to him he called her to say hi and tell her that one of her cousins showed up in California where his dad and stepmother live and they yelled at my daughter's cousin for being so ungrateful for all the help they had given her and they have not heard from her in years. So then my ex asked her if she has been in contact with her Grandparents since they also have helped her and done nice things for her this last year. He was yelling at me that she made him so mad by hanging up on him he was ready to disown her and she better never hang up on him again.

According to my daughter her dad never calls her just to say hi and it is none of his business what her relationship was/is with his parents. I tried to tell my daughter that accepting help from these particular grandparents often times carries a high price tag. She is now finding out how true that is. She called them when she was homeless and the only help they were willing to offer her was a plane ticket to them without Jake. She now "hates" them.

I reminded my ex that when we were married I hung up on him when I was angry with him cuz I did not want to yell into a phone and/or say anything I would regret and he never stopped speaking to me. I also reminded him that she is going through a hormonal thing with the changing of her meds for PMDD and hypothyriodism and her moods are on rollercoaster duty. I reminded my daughter that these grandparents are her father's father and stepmom so he does have some vested interest and was it not possible that her dad does not know how to have a conversation with her and her cousin was something he could call and share with her. Futhermore he would understand how she feels about them especially since her dad stopped speaking to them for over ten years after I left him.

They both are calmer today but it is up to them to talk about their phone call yesterday. I am done.

My mom called a little while ago all shaken up and rightly so. She still had some water running in her garden and was sitting out front getting ready to shut the water off and around the corner cam a mama bear and her two cubs. They were within 8 feet of her. She was close to the garage door so she went in that way. The cubs climbed one of her trees while mama laid down below the tree. After 30 minutes the cubs came down and they all went down to mom's garden then she could not see them from inside the house.

My parents moved to this house with it's 14 acres 20 years ago. They have had deer, foxes, coyotees, and racoon visit their place but never a bald eagle we saw this last Christmas nor bears until today. Both these visits after me dad died. Wonder if mom will tell me dad sent the bears like he did the eagle.

Blessings to all

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