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And this too will pass.......

Posted by bellachai , 01 August 2012 · 55 views

Woohoo!!! Internet turned on a few minutes ago.

Leaving for Dr. appt in 10 minutes. Yep sick again.

Everyone warned me that if I let my daughter come home that her boyfriend would weasel his way back in my home. Yep that has happened so I am broker than broke.

The new used refrigerator broke down so lost another round of food. So between that and Jake there is no food in the house.

BUT I am still here and standing.

More later and blessings to all

so good to see you back! but i'm really sorry things are so awful at the moment. wish you could catch a break.

you are still here and standing...because you're one very strong woman. i hope the dr can help.


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