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Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

Posted by bellachai , 20 July 2012 · 67 views

What is wrong with people? Why are 'intellegent' people so stupid? Why am I so stupid?

I was born in Colorado. I went to college in San Diego (where the shooter was from and mother still lives). My children were born in San Diego. I now live in Colorado on the western slope. The majority of my family lives in Colorado. My sister lives near where the shooting in that theater happened. At this time the news is stating that 70 people were shot; majority of them not seriously thank goodness. He booby trapped his apartment for what stupid reason? What has society done to cause this person to snap and become a pscho. Why can't we get these the proper help before they snap and go in the deep end?

Next thing we'll know is having to wear bullit proof jackets and helmet to just go grocery shopping.

Blessings to all those who witnessed this horrific event, the victims and all the friends and family that were touched by this tragedy.

My daughter is the stupidest smart person I know personally and I pretty much am right behind her.

I am so stupid, stupid and stupid. I let my daughter talk me into letting Jake 'visit' for a few days. I do not know why it is so hard for me to say no to her. I hate seeing her unhappy and crying every third day or so.

He has only been here one day snd I am so ready for my daughter to take him to the transitional shelter in Grand Junction.

My duaghter chose not to go with me to the store today cuz she does not feel well (PMDD issues) so has Jake go with me. He asked me why my mother hates him so much. I told the truth without any softening. I said because she feels she paid for him living in my home and did nothing to improve or maintain it and actually made it worse. Trashing my home inside and out. He was silent then.

My daughter and Jake have been fussing. I told them that my daughter has yet to teach Jake what 'no' and 'stop' means. He was irratating to her that she went in her bedroom to rest and left him out here in the livingroom with me. So when we make poor choices we get to feel the consequences right?

Yeah I really do need to learn more in DBT classes. Well at least I now have something recent to write for my homework for interpersonal relationships.

Blessings to all

maybej and i did reply to this. wonder where they went. glad you got the email copies. :metoyou:

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