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Another Day in Paradise

Posted by bellachai , 26 June 2012 · 57 views

I am thinking Colorado is Hell. Yesterday on the news there were 12 separate fires in Colorado. Half the nation's fire fighters are in the now ughly Colorado. Breaking records. So many people being evacuated and many homes lost. Four people have died. So far there has been only one fire close to my small town. No deaths thanks to the bravery of a teen aged boy. He had some minor burns from saving one of his neighbors. He made national news from his hospital bed; the hospital only 3 miles from my home.

Sunday I went out to my mom's she fixed lunch for us. I helped her pick apricots. She has 3 trees; We ate one right off the tree. Yum. I think my mother canned apricots today.
When I first got there I talked to my mom about my daughter. She actually agreed that my daughter needs to come home. She said she could not say no to her only Granddaughter. Wierd of her. My daughter will be with me tomorrow. I have to drive about 50 miles to get to the bus station in another town.

My cooler is still not fixed and we have reached temps of high 90's and the last three days we made it 101 degrees. I now have 6 fans, in various sizes in my livingroom. There were cloud late this afternoon which helps stop the heating up of my home in the evenings. Sunday was the worst time I had with the heat in the house. I soaked one of my nightgowns in cold water, rung it out, put it on and stood in front of one of the fans. Felt like Paradise. Repair man is suppose to come in the next two days.

I was right and my refrigerator died. I called the guy that fixed my dryer to see if he had any used refrigerators he could sell and bring to me. He does but I do not know when he is coming.

Yesterday I had my CT scan then went over to the cancer clinic to get my iron infusion. The iron solution they feed through an IV is black in color so that kind of grossed me out watching black stuff go in my arm. They fed me lunch and brought me anything I wanted to drink. I had ice tea. There are side effects to this procedure the worst one is being allergic to the iron solution. Since I am typing here I guess I did not have an adverse effect but when I woke up this morning I did/am experiencing the side effect of a serious headache.

Lucky me I get to look forward to iron infustions every Monday for at least 4 more weeks. I have an appointment on the 11th with the hemotologist/oncologist to go over all my blood tests so I will know more about what is happening to me.

Not that it matters one way or another now cuz it cannot be changed but I wonder if I had not been abused by the evil stepfather, I would not have gotten bladder infections which then led to upper respritory infections; too many to count as a child would I have escaped all these health issues I am experiencing? Damaged for life in more ways than one?

I don't want to be me anymore.

Blessings to all

Jun 27 2012 12:53 AM
Sending you lots of hugs. Sorry to hear you need iron infusions as a treatment now...I actually took a blood-test to-day to see if my iron levels are dangerously low again. Like you, I always suffered upper respiratory infections as a kid, and have battled anaemia my entire life. It's draining.

I'm glad to read your daughter is talking to you and is coming back home. She needs to be some-where safe, and with some-one who can under-stand her struggles, so it's great she has finally stopped her stubborn act and realised you're the safest person for her to be around.

Stay safe with the heat. It can be horrible to deal with that when there is no AC.

Any-way, you are in my thoughts. Hope you'll feel healthier and stronger soon.
Thank you Wonderland for replying and the hugs. Yours are always welcomed.

I figure it is a miracle that I am not sleeping 23 hours a day. I have several other conditions which cause fatigue and some of my meds make tired as well.

When I told my mother about the anemia she told me as a child doctors would take one look and want to check me for luekemia and/or iron anemia but every time I tested okay. Of course that was in the 60's and they know so much more now. As an adult I ran into the same thing they always were positive I was anemic. I would test out fine. I always told people that I should have been born in the south. Those women are pale too.

Have you had to go through infusions? Yes it all is draining and I hope your tests come back negative for anemia.

Thank you again for your kind words and support. Much appreciated.

Many blessings
i'm fairly sure i would be in perfect health if i was never abused. it's hard to handle that thought. just got to live with what is i guess. i've been wanting to get the old me back....but it's pretty futile really.

i hope the reunion with your daughter goes smoothly....the heatwave breaks (i know that makes your health so much worse)....and you get a new fridge. fires are scary....we get a lot of them here, especially when in drought.

i know it sucks....but i'm so glad you're you. (((hugslove)))
Jun 28 2012 01:05 AM
Thanks Bella. :) How are you feeling to-day ?

To answer your question, no, I haven't had iron infusions, though one doctor suggested a blood transfusion when I was eighteen. Never happened, and after a lot of supplementation and a lot of food therapy, my iron levels rose to the very bottom of normal, so I ran with it. Haha. I haven't been eating much lately though, so I assume that may be the reason behind the drop for me. Do you think yours could be a consequence of dietary deficit ?

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