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A Twist on Abuse

Posted by bellachai , 09 June 2012 · 33 views

I keep thinking about a nice elderly lady in my DBT class. She is quiet and has a lovely smile. She approached me after class this last Thursday. I think she was attempting to be friends. A good thing I believe yet what she shared with me has disturbed me a little.

She told me that 20 years ago she started having frightening nightmares nightly. Like an intelligent woman she sought out a therapist. It was determined in her therapy she was a survivor of CSA. She healed from that with that therapist. A couple of years ago in going over family history with some of her family she realized that she was never abused as a child. So now she is in therapy to heal from all the false memories that were given to her by the first therapist.

No matter how I look at this it is just so wrong. Either she is in complete denial regarding any abuse which seems unlikely or the therapist she had should be hung by her tongue for doing that kind of damage to a human being. This would mean that the lady was healed of nothing and the therapist is now the abuser. It's appalling.

I guess the lady could also be completely insane and made up the entire story.


It is friggin hot in my house tonight (cooler broken and no money to get it fixed). Thank goodness I have 3 medium fans. It is suppose to be cooler tomorrow.

Blessings to all

I don't know what to say but I also found the woman's account disturbing. It is impossible to know what the truth is but I believe she must have given the therapist reason to believe she was abused. I can understand that you found it disturbing.

I hope you have cooled down a little.


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