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detailed orientated

Posted by bellachai , 08 June 2012 · 68 views

Yep that is me; I think, speak, write and even dream in detail. If it is possible to feel in detail then I do that too.

I get so angry at myself when I speak to people and I explain everything in detail which means always defending myself for my actions or how I am. I do not know how to just speak the facts and be done with it. I want to be like 'still waters run deep'.

I recognize I do this 'defending' out of fear. I might leave something out therefore setting me up for failure and I become 'not good enough'.

I have the compulsion to be perfect knowing I will never reach perfection. I apparently did not get the gene of perfection from my mother although she is sure she has the perfection gene.

I know I do not have to explain me to anyone, how I live and what I may believe. I know this yet I still over explain things or explain them to death.

Unlearning things is so much harder than learniing things.

Blessings to all

I do this too. It drives people away but it is very hard to unlearn. I don't have anything helpful to suggest but you are not alone.

I am the exact same way bellachai. I always over analyze and over think EVERYTHING, and over explain things to other people with so many details that are unnecessary. It totally makes me look defensive at times, so I definitely relate to what you wrote. It's kind of nice knowing that there are other people out there like that out there.

When I was younger I tried to make myself more of a quiet type of person, but couldn't do it. I am the way I am for better or for worse. And I agree with you that unlearning things is so much harder than learning, though I don't know why that is.

Hope all is well with you :hug:
I suppose if all three of us were in the same room together we would all be speaking at once switching subjects every 60 seconds or so. Well at least I am not the only detailed alien :alien:

Blessings to you WildRoses and Irishleo.

I suppose if all three of us were in the same room together we would all be speaking at once switching subjects every 60 seconds or so. Well at least I am not the only detailed alien :alien:Blessings to you WildRoses and Irishleo.

Lol Bellachai! You can add me to the team also.

I have learned to reduce the detail in speaking - but not in writing :D

Oh and BTW - What if you were "Good Enough"? - Shush! no buts - What if you were "Good Enough?"... ssh! Tell those voices to be quiet!


I know, we are all good enough!
:lol: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: What a great group we would be and all of good enough for sure.
Jun 10 2012 04:40 PM
Haha...this is totally me. I either have to explain every-thing or will not talk at all in order to avoid the possibility of failure/attack. It's not half as annoying as my sister's insistence on filling in the details from past, present and future as she is trying to re-hash some event from the day though.... Ugh. Takes her an hour to circle back to what her point was to begin with ! Haha.
I am truly surprised that I am not alone in this trait. Here I thought I was some kind of freaky alien when in fact I am in excellent company. We have a great group filling up.

Funny Wonderland, my sister says nothing most of the time. That does not stop her from causing problems within the family though.

Blessings as always
Yup this would be me too. Heck my entire career is shaped around this trait! I am becoming a Jungian Analyst!

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