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still standing sort of

Posted by bellachai , 04 June 2012 · 60 views

I feel kind of wierd today. My fingertips have been tingling all day. I also am a little shakey everywhere. Something new? IDK just wierd.

I still am so low on energy that I am struggling with everything that I have done today which is nothing. I am struggling with nothing. Wow that makes alot sense.

I have a migraine too it has not reached the stage of must close my eyes after vomiting. I am hoping and hoping that I feel better and get some things done that I need to get done tomorrow.

I would gladly fall asleep right now but I am waiting for my mother to call me as a friend of my dad's for 35 years wife died from cervical cancer (another lady who did not see any reason to get regular PAP smears). She would still be alive if she had the test regularly. It is just so sad especially for her husband. He and my dad were close friends. They worked together for 30 years or more. They were hunting and fishing buddys even after Dad and Mom moved out of the Denver area to the Western Slope when dad retired. Dad's friend has lost one of his best friends and his wife of 40 some years all in six months. He told me when he came when dad died that his wife was his faithful fishing buddy. They went often just the two of them. Now I cry for his loss as it is twofold.

As usualI got of tract there it is just so sad. My mother wants me to order flowers for her funeral online. I need to ask her some questions before I hit the last send button. The price of flowers are outrageous and some of them were wo beautiful.

Blessings to all

Jun 04 2012 08:09 PM
I hope you feel better soon, Bella.... The tingling fingers, etc., could be migraine symptoms, but they could also be due to your oxygen going low or any number of other things so just be sure you get the care you need if things don't improve. I've had kind of a rough night myself so I'm not finding a lot to say right now, but I did read this and am thinking of you.
I haven't commented in a while but hope things get better for you. I do. Take care.

Jun 05 2012 04:17 PM
Tingling could be anything. It could be a sign of anxiety, where you might be hyperventilating or just not be breathing right. Try doing some focused deep breathing and see if that helps? I'm sorry to hear of everything that is making you sad right now.
Thank you Zelda. I miss you here so it means so much that you commented. I am hoping all is well with you and you have found some happiness.

Thank you Untangling and I think it caused by the new oxygen condenser and perhaps anxiety is a factor to. It still is happening but less intense. Wierd. I hope all is well with you and you too are finding some happiness.

Blessings as always to you both.
Thank you (((MaybeJ))) and (((Pink))) for caring. I did have a migraine on Saturday. I still have the symptoms but to a lesser degree. I have decided it must be from the new oxygen condenser I have and some adjusting needs to be done to the liters.

Many blessings as always to you both.

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