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Posted by bellachai , 22 May 2012 · 57 views

I met with the manager of this new home health care company yesterday to go over all the paper work and all the papers I have to sign. They are much more thorough than the last company I had.

Today the person assigned to me came. Wow am I impressed. She did an excellent job and I am so grateful. I was her last client for the day so she stayed a few minutes to chat. Low and behold she is a survivor too. Her mother abused her as a child and she recently ran away with her 3 children from her abusive husband in another state and is in the military to live with her grandparents untill she gets on her feet. She has agoraphobia, PTSD, extreme anxiety and fibromyalgia among other things. She also goes to the same mental health building for therapy as I do.

I kind of like a survivor helping me cuz she can relate to me and I can relate to her. I also think she is very brave for getting out of harms way.

So I am in a happy content mood today. I would like to celebrate with a cigarette cuz happy contented days for me are few and far between BUT I am on day 23 so still hanging in there. Nothing helps the allergic reaction to the adheseve on the patches so I just itch away.


May 22 2012 09:22 PM
What a wonderful thing, to have found someone like that... I hope she continues to be a good support for you. Congratulations on day 23 of no smoking!
So glad you have someone who gets it :)
The not smoking is tough but hanging in there.

Yes it is comforting to have someone in my home that gets it rather than someone who has never even walked in one of my shoes.

I miss you both here at Pandy's. Thank you for your comments. I hope you both are well.

Many blessings and I am thinking of you both.

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