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Posted by bellachai , 01 May 2012 · 62 views

I am a zombie today. I did not sleep last night for an unknown reason unless it has to do with quitting smoking. Yeah I am a stupid person who has pulmonary illnesses and I have been smoking. I like smoking but I have to quit. I stacked my deck this time (I have quit like 8 times already in a year). I have nicotine patches, a friend is quitting with me, I have a personal coach who calls me on the phone, I have sugarless mints, and I got one of those e cigarettes with flavored cartridges that do not have any nicotine in them. Right now I am using cherry flavor which is not too bad. They even have a chocolate flavor and I have not tried that yet. Now I only inhale water vapor. This is only day 2.

I have tried almost everything to quit in the past. I would have stacked my deck more if I had the money to get acupuncture and hypnotized. I went to a group hypnotist once specifically to quit. When it was over, me and everyone I saw on my way out of the session were lighting up so it did not seem to work for most of those who attended including me.

I even sort of wish I could be put in a drug induced coma for a month and while I was in the coma continuous tapes being played to quit smoking.

Expecting thunder, lightening and rain today inside and out.

I was wondering if an individual hypnosis would work??

Then I was thinking that hypnosis is used to recover memories of trauma and abuse. The theory being to remember them and process them is to get rid of them forever. Would it work in the reverse meaning could hypnosis be done to forget and not be retained in the brain along with behavoir modification suggestions without any adverse reactions once awakened. It would be like nothing ever happened and a normal life could be lived.


Well the one good thing about quitting is, you can do it as often as you need until you get it right. I found the hardest days for me were the odd numbered days. Not sure why???? Just make up your mind to quit and do it!!! You have the information that it is doing nothing good for your body. And you have the desire. You can do it. You can. I'm proud of your successful two days. Give yourself a reward at the end of a week. A bottle of perfume at the end of a month.. Best of luck and determination to you. It has been for me since 1998/ May. :thumbsup:
May 01 2012 06:00 PM
Congrats on trying to quit again. you only fail if you stop trying. I'm so proud of you for it!Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
May 01 2012 10:39 PM
Good for you for quitting! You are very persistent, to keep trying.
good luck bella! i quit smoking about a year and a half ago so i'm happy to encourage you any time you need it. and you're not stupid...smoking really is a coping tool, and you have tried really hard to quit before.

i heard those e cigarettes are great. the most helpful thing for me was nicotine inhalers...i just tapered off them.

not sure if hypnosis can make you forget....but who knows. i know of someone who used it for quitting smoking recently and it didn't help her either.

consider us your cheer squad. :) you can do this (((my friend))).
That is so good you are quitting bellachai. I smoked for ten years and it was so hard to quit, but if I can do it anyone can! You will feel so much better afterwards, it's just those first few days that are the hardest, after that it only gets easier. Best of luck to you, sending you positive thoughts and energy :hug:
Wow thank you all so much for your support and encouragement. I have to suceed at this so onward I go.

You all are so wonderful and thank you. Blessings

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