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Lost in Pain

Posted by bellachai , 26 August 2010 · 63 views

Is it interesting how easily annoyed a person can become when they are in pain?

My daughter's boyfriend had a cell phone that his mother paid for. Well she turned it off. When he was in jail for not going to traffic court my daughter had spoken to her a few times and found out that her son had been telling her some lies. According to the story I heard is once out of jail and finding out his mom tricked my daughter in telling her things that brought out the lies he called his mom and chewed her out for her sneaky investigation of him. Well she became very angry and shut off his phone with a last message from emailed to the both. She "wished his stupid fat cow of a girlfriend luck in dealing with her lying piece of nothing son." She also stated to him she should have aborted him when she became pregnant with him as he is a lying good for nothing piece of shit and she is disowning him. Wow!!!!negative drama. Sounds like a damn soap opera.

I am and have been out of three meds for a week now. I have called my doctor three times to see if they had some samples as I have no money for these expensive meds. They finally return my call and unknown to me my daughter and her boyfriend took my phone when they went out to run errands. They did not tell me about the call until after 5pm. Doctor office already closed so I still am without meds and what I am missing the most is Lyrica for fibro pain. This pain limits almost everything I do. I am trying to cope with OTC drugs. Not working very well.

My mother has not called in over a week to see if I was feeling better or not or dead. Why do I care if she cares or not when I know she only cares about herself.

Ever since my daughter had that progesterone implant put in her arm she has been so unpleasant to be around. She has been bossy, critical, short with a mean tongue and even self absorbed. The other day I said something that was not correct (oh I know I forget that I am perfect therefore cannot possibly get any thing wrong). She gave me this horrible nasty disapproving dirty look as she corrected my error. I just kept looking at her in shock because I was thinking I do not like this person then immediately felt guilty cuz a good mother would not dislike their own child. On the possitive side she is meaner to her boyfriend than to me and then that reminds me of my sister. My sister was and is mean to people in her life. I find it disturbing to look at my daughter and see my sister.

I don't need this crap and drama and I certainly don't want any of it yet I do not have the guts to put a stop to all of it. Why? If I attempt to stop it the drama would escalate intially and would then be even ughlier. If I attemted it say right now when I am in so pain I would just set up myself to feeling like the bitch from hell.

I don't like myself when I am like this. My skin crawls and I have an icky indescribale feeling in my legs that sometimes think will drive me insane.

Fortunately they are in their room and I hope they stay there. I don't need their 'help' anymore today and maybe not for a long time.

I am going to bed and probably cry in anger and frustrating and lonliness. Wow!! Am I negative tonight or what. Blessings to all.

Sometimes venting makes it easier to handle, sometimes we just have to get it out to eventually move on. This is your safe place, vent all you want.

Thinking pain free days for you and a whole lot less drama
Hugs sweetie

i know how cranky/grumpy/irritable/frustrated/depressed i can get when i'm either really tired or in a lot of pain.


hope tomorrow is a bit better and you can get your meds from the doctor (that was really thoughtless of your daughter).
I can relate, I have chronic neuropathy (similar to fibro) and nothing ever seems to work and then when a med works for awhile it stops. And they are VERY expensive, sometimes a couple of dollars per pill even if you have insurance. One one of the meds I am on right now is cymbalta and luckily my dr was able to give me a bunch of samples bc it's expensive. And sometimes it makes me very irritable and it's harder to deal with things, and the medication always has side effects like making me tired which is tough.

I hope you can get some medicine though, good luck. If you don't have insurance have you tried checking with the pharmaceutical company, sometimes they have assistance for that? Also for lyrica (which I have never taken) I know my doctor had a discount card where it would be a cheaper price for 6 months I think. That was awhile ago though, but maybe you could ask your dr.

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