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The Future Brings?

Posted by bellachai , 09 August 2010 · 7 views

I watched this episode of 'Century City'. It is a drama about law cases in the future in 2030.

There is this traumasized boy around 8 years old. His mother is an alcoholic and drug addict who emotionally, mentally and physically abused this boy. The father and his wife finally received custody of this boy who chose not to interact with anyone, with night terrors and so afraid of everything and also filled with rage and was destructive. Well in this future they have a procedure in which all this boys memories of his mother could be erased. The mother took it to court as she did not want to be erased from her sons life. The mother lost the case and the boy's memories of her were erased. They had had much success with other childern in simular cases as well as people with PTSD.

This was food for thought for me. I have been thinking about it and I think that if I had the choice I would have all the abuse erased from my brain including my mother. The mother in the story was not thinking in the best interests of her son, she was thinking of herself. What good mother would want her child to remember the abuse she inflicted on her own flesh and blood. If I had done anything as horrible as she did I would not want him to remember me in that way. It would be better he never knew. But then I am not abusive.

I often wonder what kind of person would I have been had the abuse not happened. Would I be happier? Would my life be different and better? I suspect the answers would be yes. No one can take it back. No one can reverse the abuse. No one can give the years wasted in confusion, misery, anxiety, shame, guilt, anger and fear. Somehow the survivors should recieve assistance in everyway at the expence of the abuser. It is a society problem.

It would be a miricle if there was a way to just erase the memory of the secrets that survivors are burdened with.

Blessings to all

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