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No much of anything

Posted by bellachai , 05 August 2010 · 28 views

My daughter received a phone call today from the census bureau inviting her to participate in the fifth stage of census taking. Once again she thought they were done. Government jobs, what can you say. She said yes as it means more paychecks. She starts again on her 21st birthday which is the 12th of this month.

My daughter's boyfriend is still in jail for that traffic violation that he kept forgetting to go to court for. Bond for him is over $1000.00. No one has that kind of money. She called the courthouse this morning and his court appearance yesterday was for a continuance to August 11th so he has to stay in jail until then. The strange thing is that although he has access to a phone while there he has not called her once to tell her he is okay or what is going on or kiss his ass or nothing. She is angry, disappointed and hurt. She is afraid he won't be out in time for her birthday.

Both his dad and his mom (they are divorced) have the money but they won't help him with this as he did it to himself and they are not bailing him out. Even if I had the money I would not either for the same reason. My daughter would though if she had that much. So instead I went with her to drop off some money for him while he is in there and she was able to give him a note with the money to call her. That was 6 hours ago and nothing. She can visit him only on Tuesdays and Saturdays between 1:30 and 3:30.

My daughter and I then went to the store for a few things and the library to drop off some books.

The rest of the day has been pleasantly quiet. :)

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