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Peer counseling

Posted by bellachai , 03 August 2010 · 30 views

I receive assignments in peer counseling. Peer counseling is in what is called The Empowerment Center. The majority of the people who go there go almost every day whereas I only go every two weeks or so. The ones that are there almost daily are those with low IQ's and they learn basis skills. Many have at least a part time job. They go there to socialize with people who have patience with them. They go there to do art stuff, excersize, take field trips, celebrate birthdays and holidays, talk about current events, and discuss the outside world from their eyes. Some very sad stories in that place. They are lonely most of them and depressed.

I once had an assignment to do a collage. I did it and it came out pretty well. My peer counselor took and said it was for a project for The Empowerment Center and many were participating in it. I think I am the only one who completed the assignment. I have not seen my collage since. ?????

My new assignment is to write a poem for their newsletter. I did not know they had a newsletter. I have not ever seen one. So here is the poem I am going to turn in.


Pay attention as they are everywhere.
Look, look and see all those who stare?
Oh Well it is easier to offer up a prayer.
Speak up, speak up; any kind words to spare?
Weak, tired, lonely and alone, not so rare.
Go ahead touch, touch them would anyone dare?
Still have a life, laughter and plenty to share.
Listen, listen, hear them asking for time to spare?
So much exposed pain with hearts and souls laid bare.
Feel it, feel the empty lives thar are so unfair?
Careful, careful now, someday it could be you there.

Blessings to all

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