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emotional conflict day

Posted by bellachai , 11 March 2010 · 52 views

Today would be my 32nd wedding anniversary if I were still married to the father of my children. Mixed emotions about all of it. He remarried last year to a woman 28 years younger than him and only 4 years older than our son. I have never remarried. I was too busy raising our children by myself. The wierd thing is he has become more responsible regarding his children since he remarried. An improvement for sure.

My son now lives with is father and works with him. My daughter lives with me. When I had my breakdown a year and half ago she moved her boyfriend in with us on the pretext he would be able to help us out with the house and as a support system for her in dealing and caring for me. Sounded good. He was suppose to leave today for a visit with his father and check out a job in that state. Now he says he won't be leaving until tomorrow. I am bummed. :(

I was planning to blog today about the relationship my daughter has with her boyfriend but my therapy session yesterday has exhausted me and I did not sleep well. I am physically in pain today and still no meds. I was suppose to see my peer counselor today but am not up to that either. So I cancelled.

Mar 11 2010 02:41 PM
I'm sorry you're in pain, and that you don't have the meds to help. I'm sure not sleeping well doesn't help. And I'm sorry that your daughter's boyfriend isn't leaving until tomorrow.

I know therapy exhausts me sometimes, and at times I have trouble sleeping after a session. I'm sorry you couldn't blog about your daughter's relationship, but when you're ready to share here, I'll be listening.

I hope you don't feel bad about canceling your peer counselor appointment. You can always reschedule. I just think it's important that you take the time to get feeling better.

I'll be thinking of you. Take gentle care.
Thank you missophelia. Your are so kind.

My Therapist assigned me a peer counselor to help me to leave my house and do some socializing. I try very hard not to miss any therapy appointments but peer appointments do not seem as important. At the moment my peer counselor is involved in this big art project for the Mental health Center. I already finished my portion of it so......????

Well my daughter has returned from her work and needs to use the computer so will get on later this evening.

You did not blog today??? I hope you are doing well. blessings

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