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another puzzle piece

Posted by bellachai , 09 March 2010 · 100 views

My mother called me this morning and I asked her what the name of the lake the evil stepfather took us to. I told her I thought it started with a 'C' and I discribed it from the memory flash I had a couple of days ago. She did not remember the lake but she did know the area's we would have gone. She could not believe I remembered so much as I was younger than 9 when we went their. Anyway she read off the lake names from a map she had and I recognized the name. The name has been hanging on the tip of my tongue for days. It is a relief to know the name and I do not know why. I do not remember anything bad happening there at the lake just a sense something did. Interesting. I looked online for pictures of the lake to see if I would recognize it. It is a small lake so not many pictures and they did not stir up any memories. So it is just another piece of my puzzle that I cannot fit in right now.

Otherwise my day is blah. My meds still have not come so I am in pain and very tired but I cannot sleep. Blessings

I'm so glad that you were able to learn the name of the lake. I totally understand the desire to have that epiphany brought to light - to remember what word has been stuck just at the tip of your tongue. I'm glad to know your mom was able to help you remember the name.

I hope that through pictures or research of the lake, you're able to remember what it is that has gotten you thinking of this place. I also hope your day picks up and you get your pain meds soon - not having those must make things terribly hard.

Dear Lexie,

Thank you for your reply. My meds did not come today either so perhaps tommorrow.

It makes my mother very uncomfortable to talk about my past issues so it took a little guts to ask her. Yeah she helped and was amazed I could actually remember something that far back then quickly changed the subject. I did look at pictures and it did not bring any other recollections only slightly familar. I do feel a kind of release knowing the name. It was bugging me.


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