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Poster Child

Posted by bellachai , 29 November 2013 · 308 views

http://www.pandys.or...lt/hissyfit.gif  I would be right now  a good and accurate poster child for why one should never, ever just stop taking their antidepressant  by choice or due to lack of funds (which is my case).   I only have myself to blame I should have budgeted better but I had not anti...


disappointments and roles

Posted by bellachai , 27 November 2013 · 236 views

My daughter's boyfriend has been copping an attitude for a couple of days and not speaking to me much.
My daughter and I had words or I should say she had words of anger to say and I listened in disappointment then shut down.  I had the urge to cry but commanded myself not to and succeeded.
My mother does not want to cook for Thank...


Memories Unwanted

Posted by bellachai , 20 November 2013 · 345 views

My mother does not like to stay home on the anniversary day of my dad's death which is Halloween day. I can understand that. We decided to go to the bigger town in my area which is 50 miles away.

The plan was to go to breakfast, do some light shopping and to the used book store there. We were chatting away in the restraint when our waiter came to the tab...



Posted by bellachai , 15 November 2013 · 276 views

I am not sorry to see October gone and November started in the same theme but it has improved some.  I am all for removing October from the calendar as it is only remembrance of loss and pain   Instead replace it with Lovember as a month.  Love is the most overused yet underrated word in the English language.
Lovemember wou...

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