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Posted by bellachai , 12 March 2010 · 86 views

I just finished reading John Grisham's first novel 'A Time to Kill'. I have read it before and I have seen the movie. Very good. I enjoy reading books with mystery, good versus evil and true stories. I am interested in abnormal pathology and the paranormal. Why? I am always searching to understand why bad things happen to good people. I...


emotional conflict day

Posted by bellachai , 11 March 2010 · 104 views

Today would be my 32nd wedding anniversary if I were still married to the father of my children. Mixed emotions about all of it. He remarried last year to a woman 28 years younger than him and only 4 years older than our son. I have never remarried. I was too busy raising our children by myself. The wierd thing is he has become more responsible regar...



Posted by bellachai , 10 March 2010 · 83 views

I just added a poem I wrote as about me in my profile if anyone wants to read it. Blessings



Posted by bellachai , 10 March 2010 · 105 views

I have just returned from therapy. My therapist is fond of 'sayings' and so am I. She has a blackboard that she has sayings on. Today she had several. The first was 'is what you are going through a curse or a blessings?' I always wanted to know why me? What is wrong with me that someone would want to hurt and abuse me? Why have I be...


another puzzle piece

Posted by bellachai , 09 March 2010 · 102 views

My mother called me this morning and I asked her what the name of the lake the evil stepfather took us to. I told her I thought it started with a 'C' and I discribed it from the memory flash I had a couple of days ago. She did not remember the lake but she did know the area's we would have gone. She could not believe I remembered so much as...



Posted by bellachai , 08 March 2010 · 95 views

:eyebrow: I told my daughter last night that I found this community. She asked me why I wanted to participate in something so dark and thinks it would cause my depression to worsen. To her it is like misery loves company. I view it as birds of a feather..... I told her that it helps me in that I do not feel alone in my aloneness. It helps me to know...


pain and flashback

Posted by bellachai , 07 March 2010 · 105 views

I am going on my tenth day without my medication, Lyrica. The pharmacuetical industry is changing. I had a refill on the file for the free program I found but they merged with another pharmacuetical company so was told to start over with application. I did this and my Doctor faxed all the info to them. I get a letter there is something missing on the...


just being me

Posted by bellachai , 06 March 2010 · 99 views

Having a blog is a new experience for me. I joined this community in the hopes of connecting to people who could relate to my life to learn, grow and heal from my childhood abuse experiences and how it has impacted my life thus far.

I have spent the last few days exploring this site and reading alot of information. It is so heartbreaking that there are...

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