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Never Going to End

Posted by Justagirlnothingmore , 02 February 2013 · 79 views

I like that I actually thought that I might use this tool to write about how I feel about what is going on in my life.

There has been a mixture of things going on in my life that have left me feeling so weird and broken down. I wonder if this is the trend- this feeling good for a while until something bad happens and then I feel horrible again. After a...


Ending With Therapist

Posted by Justagirlnothingmore , 15 August 2012 · 47 views

So writing in the past has been something that has been healing for me. But in the last few years with college I have lost writing as a tool. My therapist of three years whom I have grown really close to and has helped me so much has to move away and so we had our last session yesterday. I've known for a while that this was going to happen and she has...

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