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Summer goals

Posted by Nodaybuttoday , 04 April 2010 · 113 views

i know, i fail at keeping a blog.
that's okay;
I have goals for this summer; so here's my list.
I need to post it somewhere or i won't follow through, and this is where i feel safest, so here goes.
-Loose 20 pounds - accomplished by cutting out the junk food (even the chocolate), -walking/riding to work whenever possible
-Volunteer at the Sexual Assault centre - get experience, help people
-Finish War and Peace
- have a rough draft of my book done by the end of July (man I have alot of work to do) so I can have it edited and sent to publishers by Christmas
- Pay my student debt, keep up with rent and bills
- Save another $1000 for my trips, or something special
- figure out if this medication is working, or see my doctor about getting ones that work better for me.
- continue to get better
- seek God
- spend time with my brother before he moves out east.
-oh and reach 1000 posts on Pandys by my one year anniversary here

that's all for now...

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