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And so it begins...

Posted by Nodaybuttoday , 13 December 2009 · 106 views

My name is Ashlee, but most people call me Ash. I am 25, and from Canada.
I was r* and m* for 2 years from 6-8 by a neighbour, and at 14 by a stranger.
My family is very important to me; even if we don't share blood. My brother, my sister, my niece, have more than once saved my life, and been what's kept me going.
I am a Christian, and I believe God plays a huge part in my healing (but everyone is different, this is what's worked for me, so if you contact me for anything, don't be worried; I won't shove my religion down your throat, I probably won't even mention it)
I have undiagnosed Depression and DID. I'm *maybe* going this week to get diagnosed and to get meds (since my benefits from work kick in on wednesday.

every day I am dealing with my past; I am a Survivor; I am growing, and learning to be whole again. I learned that I can't change my past, no matter how much I want to. so Now i'm using it to help others; like others have used theirs to help me.
I love to read, I'm *attempting* to write a book about my past; my healing, and my future. Next month i'm starting to volunteer at the Sexual Assault Centre in my town.
I came to Pandy's to love and be loved, trust and be trusted, to be a friend, and to show other Survivors that there is Hope out there; if they just keep looking for it, it will be found, I know it will, because I live it everyday. If you don't feel like a survivor, if your having problems; if you just need someone to talk to; talk to me. I am here for you. I love new friends;
I also write in partial paragraphs alot; my thoughts tend to go all over the place, and as such that's how i write (also why i'm having problems writing my book :P)

much love and hope

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