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I'm starting to like my friend J in "that" way and I think the feelings mutual but I'm unsure

Posted by blondie2002 , in Dateing 30 June 2010 · 49 views

When I was at my friend S's and Z'z reception last week, I happen to run into my friend J and we were chatting and then "he" asks if the 2 of us could get our picture taken. I Of course said
sure, why not". This might sound weird since I'm 27, (but then agian I don't have much dateing experiance and so I'm :confused: and :...


Everytime I talk to Jay (a guy I kinda know from HS) I get a weird feeling in my stomach.

Posted by blondie2002 , in Dateing 14 June 2010 · 48 views

I was on my friend W's facebook page last week checking out the recent updates and what not to her status, and then I started talking to this guy Jay that I went to HS with and decided to add him as a friend on facebook. (I haven't actually seen him since high school). Well eversince we've been talking I've been getting a weird feeling in...


Ever since my conversation with J a few nights ago, I've got butterflies in my stomach

Posted by blondie2002 , in Dateing 07 June 2010 · 53 views

I talked to J (the guy my friend S wamts to set me up with) on the phone a few nights ago to try and get to know him better and vice versa. Well I've only talked to him once (the night S gave him my cell #) but ever since then I've gotten butterflies in my stomach. (So far no icky vibe)I haven't felt this way since my job coach C :wub: what...


new stepfamily, I'm still trying to adjust.

Posted by blondie2002 , in Family 17 May 2010 · 138 views

My dad just just got married this past Saturday, :yay: and now I have a new step mom and 4(?) new stepsiblings. I mean logically it shouldn't be "that" big of a deal b/c all of P's kids are around the same ages as R and I, but I still feel :unsure: about the whole thing.


I'm thankful, I can distinguish the differance between "good touch" and "bad touch"

Posted by blondie2002 , 12 May 2010 · 54 views

I was thinking about this when I went in to see Dr.C on Monday. This might sound kind of weird but when he puts his hand on my back while he's adjusting it, it's actually comforting. Whenever my mom's ex M would touch me (give me a :hug: or something) it gave me the creeps. I definately got that vibe the second I met B ::)barf:


Mom agreed to let me go back to T

Posted by blondie2002 , 30 March 2010 · 31 views

I was talking with my mom when we went to pick up my perscription, and she agreed to let me continue T. Of course it wouldn't have been necessary if B hadn't called me. :tear: She's hopeing R can still work with me.


Mom's ashamed and embaressed that I'm reading self help books about rape survivorship "in the open"

Posted by blondie2002 , in Family 22 February 2010 · 58 views

I had just recently checked out a few books from the Pandy's library, and I brought the one I'm currently reading up to her house to read and I (not thinking it about it) left it on one of the endtables while I got up to do something, and then shortly after that my mom gently pulls me aside and says: "Not to be rude B, but I don't think yo...


I just found out my dad's getting remarried this summer...

Posted by blondie2002 , in Family 12 February 2010 · 33 views

My dad and his new gf just barely got into town for a visit, and in between the "getting to know her" chat he casually mentions that they're getting married. :blink: (I only "met" her on the webcam) He told me not to freak out, (which I'm not) on the outside but inside I'm a bundle of emoitons.(:yahoo:.:yay: :congrats: :( :tea...


I think I'm gonna give up talking to my friends

Posted by blondie2002 , in Friends 08 February 2010 · 33 views

I was Iming my bff T tonight, and she ended up getting angry at me. :( (Mainly b/c it didn't click with me right away that she was talking about her ex)I gently tried steering the conversation onto what I thought was a more pleasent topic, her son J but unfortuneatly that too (:trigger: for language)pissed her off. :angry: So I gave up.
I also tried t...


I wish my mom understood how I'm still feeling about this.

Posted by blondie2002 , 07 February 2010 · 51 views

I finally, got a chance to talk to my mom about putting me back into therepy, and she said no. :hugsplease: She said that I just need to quit talking about it, and dwelling on it. I understand what she's saying but at the same time, I still have a lot of unresolved feelings about it. I know alot of it is probably her being uncomfortable with the fact...

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