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Still learning to accept compliments w/o being suspious

Posted by blondie2002 , in Life In general 13 November 2013 · 128 views

  • My new hair cut.
  • I'm cold too mom
  • My new hairdo
  • Snowball chilling
  • my CNA gave me a manicure
  • This is how I'm supporting $ e*uala$$ualt awareness month
  • My new haircut
  • Holding my cousin J
  • hanging out at my brother's
  • A close up of Snowball
  • Image08172013145943

This afternoon, (about 4pm) J stopped by my apartment to fix some things in my k******, & we started talking about different subjects, and yes we(
:trigger: warning) talked briefly about r**i **on. J then tells me that he thinks I'm a great person. :blush: I hesitated a few seconds before thanking him. I then admitted to him, that when he first gave me a compliment I thought he had an alterior motive. ( I know better now)

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