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My new T

Posted by blondie2002 , 12 February 2011 · 40 views

I just recently started seeing a new T, and eventhough I've only had 2 sessions with him so far I feel completely at ease with him and I feel like we relate to each other more than with my last 2 Ts. :blink: I don't know it it has anything to do with the fact that he's a lot younger than they were or not. Any thoughts?

I think finding the right T is a key to healing and half the battle. So if you are feeling at ease with this one it doesn't matter the reason just good for you. :)

Blessings to you
Feb 12 2011 11:37 AM
thanks bellchai,that makes sense.
I have to agree, often finding the right T makes all the diffrence in the world! Congrats!
Feb 12 2011 02:35 PM
Age may or may not have something to do with it. I find that with my current one, the fact that she is female and close to my age makes me feel a lot better understood. That's a big part. But also the rest of her, the way she works with me, her personality I think, is what I need. So maybe it's a combo of that for you? My first therapist was male and in his early 50s, and some things he just didn't get at all. He felt too much like an authority figure. My current one feels much more like a peer so I feel safer to tell her things.
Feb 12 2011 05:12 PM
thanks Brynn and Untangeling-It-All. Btw, untangiling, that's how I feel about J. :blush:
Mar 18 2011 05:46 PM
***Update*** During my last session with J, i finally got up to courage to ask him how old he is, and it turns out he's only a yr older than me :blink: and knowing that, it makes sense that i can talk to him so easyily. :blush:

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