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Do I Have the Right to Be So Angry?

Posted by artemis618 , 02 May 2011 · 138 views

Yesterday, my friends decided to pull a prank on me. I was in the shower at the my dorm and they moved my towel. This wasn't where I got upset. They decided to film in on one of their laptops . I slipped in the shower and the curtain moved back and they got footage of me naked on their video. Finally when I got out of the shower and covered I went to the room where they were and demanded that the delete it. I was never so humiliated. They told me that we needed to watch it despite my pleading just to delete it. They watched the video twice before deleting it.

I can't remember being this upset in a long time. I feel so disgusting and violated. Now I can't use the showers in my dorm, I have to drive to a friend's apartment where the bathroom has a lock. I can't be near my friends or even look at them without crying from anger and just being so upset.

Am I overreacting at this prank or am I allowed to be this upset?

You absolutely have the right to be upset and I I would reconsider calling them friends at this point! Stand up for yourself you have the right to be mad!
That is not a prank. That is a crime. It is a violation and your rights need to be protected. please consider reporting this to the RA at your dorm or the sexual assault center. What they did is not ok or funny. It isn't even respectul. Please take care of yourself. It is your dorm. You should be safe to shower in your own dorm! Did they use a university provided laptop to film it? violation #2 They recorded it. violation #3 How can you be sure they don't broadcast it over the internet.

I got pretty fired up. Sorry. I hope you will not feel pressured. Just do what you can to be gentle with yourself. I am around if you want to PM.
Take Care.

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