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I need to stop being hurt

Posted by artemis618 , 19 May 2010 · 64 views

I'm at the point where when I look back on everything that has happened to me, I want to crawl away and just lay there until the Earth stops spinning. I feel useless where somedays I can't even get out of bed to shower or eat. I'm tired of being the victim. Is there a point where you just reach a point of anger and hate then heal? Or will I always feel abused, violated, and worthless?

I don't think there is a point of hate and anger that causes you to heal. I think it's that point where you realize that you have the power to control the things that affect the rest of your life. One day, you'll realize that yes, this thing was horrible that happened to you and yes, it never should have happened...but it did. And you'll make the decision to see your potential for your future, work like hell to put this horrible thing in your past, and start living again. It will never be gone, it will never be completely in the past, but it can be a freckle instead of a complete skin tone.

Thinking of you.
May 20 2010 02:29 PM
I have felt like you before but I have reached that anger point idk if it makes you heal but like jane said it does make you stop and say hey this happened to me and it sucked but I will never let it happen again and I have the power to change how I am dealing with this. You will find your strength don't worry hun.
Every time I start to heal, someone else comes along and hurts me. I feel like I'm trapped in this cycle. It keeps happening over and over and I feel so hopeless.

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