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I might get a big head

Posted by missophelia , 27 July 2010 · 62 views

Today was ok. I had my session, which went well. And the weather wasnít bad. Warm, but not that overbearing humidity.

I left early this morning. Got home just after lunch. And I played my drums for a couple of hours. Which felt good. I suppose I should do that more often, when Iím really angry, because itís a great release.

After I did that, I co...


waiting nervously

Posted by missophelia , 26 July 2010 · 70 views

Today has been ok, but not wonderful. I saw the dentist today, to see if my gums are ready for dentures. I have an appointment for 2 weeks from now, to make impressions. I canít wait. Iím dying for pizza, or a nice chefís salad.

I also canít wait for Wednesday to come and go. Iíve been trying to not think about it. But itís been hard. I donít know...


a question

Posted by missophelia , 25 July 2010 · 84 views

Today was an interesting day. I didnít spend all of it sleeping, but a good portion of time that I wasnít doing anything else, I was napping. I think that I havenít gotten nearly enough sleep this past week.

I still have laundry to fold, and I usually have that done by 10 am on Sundays. And we have been home from my grandmotherís for about 3 hours now...


how disgustingly awful

Posted by missophelia , 24 July 2010 · 71 views

I donít usually put a warning on what I write. But part of what Iím going to write may be bothersome, or possibly trigger. Please take care of your self while reading it.

Today was ok. Some rain, but the humidity is back up. Yuck!!

Iíve done some painting, and ran out only once, to the store. I needed laundry detergent for tomorrow, and to...



Posted by missophelia , 23 July 2010 · 72 views

Today was good. It rained really hard for most of the day, which was good because it really cooled things off. And I think weíre done with the humidity for a while.

I spoke to my father today. We actually ran into each other in the grocery store. We spoke briefly. He said something about everyone going to my aunt and uncleís on Sunday. But then he...


good, great, tired

Posted by missophelia , 22 July 2010 · 88 views

Itís been a long day today. I didnít sleep well last night either. I donít know why. I was up again for quite a while.

It was a big day for us. A got her car. She is so happy. Itís great for her to have. And, she got her training schedule. After the first week of training, sheíll be working 7 days straight, for a little while.

Iíve been better t...


scary feelings

Posted by missophelia , 21 July 2010 · 89 views

Today has been better for me, a little. I hardly slept last night. I think I fell asleep around 11, or so, and I was up from 1 am, for about 5 hours. Iím not sure when I actually fell asleep again. And once I did, I didnít sleep for very long.

But anyway, I had to go out today, this afternoon. I really wish I hadnít had to. But A needed to get her...


the way I feel

Posted by missophelia , 20 July 2010 · 81 views

Today was an ok day. Iíve been tired all day. I was up most of the night. Right now Iím trying to distract myself. It helps to be here.

I had a pretty bad nightmare last night. It was hard for me to even get to sleep in the first place. I guess I was triggered worse than I thought yesterday, about Aís friend.

I donít really want to talk about the...


right now I want to cry

Posted by missophelia , 19 July 2010 · 94 views

Right now Iím sad, just really sad. But Iíll get to that in a minute or two.

My session was wonderful today. I was able to tell Dr H about the progress Iíve made, in regards to my mother. She was so proud of me. She said, ďGood for you!Ē

I didnít go into full detail, but we talked about the conversations I had with my mother, the things my mothe...


a good day, looking forward to tomorrow

Posted by missophelia , 18 July 2010 · 92 views

The crud I got from A was short lived, thankfully. I woke up feeling just a touch under the weather, but when I got moving, I felt better. Dunkin Donuts coffee (blueberry, which rocks), and then some tea, helped. And A got up and helped me, in a big way, with the laundry.

Have I mentioned what a great woman she has become, and how lucky I am to have h...

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This is a blog of my thoughts, my feelings, my happiness, my pain, my joy, my sorrow, all raw and real. I am not censoring my blog, so please take gentle care of your self.

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    Blog Warning

    This is a blog of my feelings, my emotions, my joys, my sorrows, my thoughts, my struggles as I heal. All raw and real. I am not censoring my blog, so please take gentle care of you.

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