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no words for a title...

Posted by missophelia , 08 November 2012 · 25 views

Trigger warning. Please take care of you.

I'm in a pretty dark place right now.

How do I survive the way I am feeling right now?

How do I get through each day when it is a daily thought, suicide. It's just there, there it is.

How do I find any kind of positivity in my life, or even hope to come back from how I am feeling and thinking right now?

I just feel like I've tried, and I've tried so hard. And this is what I get in the end. This feeling and thinking this way every single day.

Couple that with all of my anger and depression. I have to wonder if it will ever get any better at all.

And it doesn't help that I am even questioning my existence. I feel like I have no life. No purpose, no meaning. Part of me feels lost.

I don't even know why I'm writing this.

And part of me doesn't even care.

i can relate to the thoughts you've written here.

but don't give up trying.

:metoyou: (((hugs))) if you would like.
Nov 09 2012 12:49 PM
Please don't give up. Things can change, and you are working on them. You do have a purpose, although I do understand the feeling of not having one, I went through that myself a few years ago and it was really hard. What kept me going was my kids. A. needs you, and your little grandson does too. Even if A's all grown up now, she still needs her mother. I am 38 and I still need mine, for advice on the kids or just to share whatever with.

These emotions and feelings are SO intense and strong, that they feel like they will never go away. But they can and will. The only thing you can do is to keep hanging on, and keep chipping away at it all.

Could you maybe need some adjusting of your medication for the depression?

Thinking of you :hug: :hug:

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This is a blog of my thoughts, my feelings, my happiness, my pain, my joy, my sorrow, all raw and real. I am not censoring my blog, so please take gentle care of your self.

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    Blog Warning

    This is a blog of my feelings, my emotions, my joys, my sorrows, my thoughts, my struggles as I heal. All raw and real. I am not censoring my blog, so please take gentle care of you.

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