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Malfunctioning--A Double Edged Sword

Posted by missophelia , 07 May 2010 · 29 views

My day has been interesting. I started by doing some more cleaning. It doesnít seem like Iíll ever get it done. Thereís just so much stuff, so much clutter, in my house. Iíll get there one day, even if itís just a little at a time.

This afternoon I had a follow up appointment with my stomach doctor. To go over the tests Iíve had for my stomach and my gallbladder.

Like always, I expected everything to be normal. Iíve started to think my stomach pains have been all in my head. For the past 4 years Iíve been having tests, and more tests. And nothing has ever come back with a result. Except I have irritable bowel syndrome, and an ulcer. But my ulcer isnít even bad.

So, today, I expected to sit in her office, and listen to her tell me that there was absolutely nothing wrong with me. Which should make me happy. But the pain is real. It hurts, sometimes so much that it doubles me over and I have to stay laying down until it goes away.

So, my GI series was normal. My abdominal ultrasound was normal. Then we talked about this hida scan test I had, the one where they injected me with radioactive stuff. Luckily I didnít glow. haha

At first I didnít know what the test was for. I looked it up on the internet, and found out. I know not everything on the internet is correct, but in this case it was. Itís a test that fills the liver with this tracer, which goes in through an IV. Then the tracer goes through the liver and into the gallbladder.

Once the gallbladder is full of the tracer, something else is sent through the IV. The second tracer makes the gallbladder contract, and what it shows is whether the gallbladder is functioning properly. It also shows gall stones, or a blockage, if either of those things are the problem.

So hereís the double edged sword.

My gallbladder is malfunctioning.

Great news, because I actually have something wrong. There is a medical reason for my pain. It isnít all in my head. And itís not just stress causing the pain. Itís very real.

I feel like my pain has been vindicated. Thatís the one edge of the sword. The other edge?

Possible surgery.

When my doctor told me I was going to see a surgeon, I started to panic. Iíve never had surgery. The thought of having surgery kind of freaks me a little. You know, opening me up, and all that goes along with that. But Iím trying to get rid of this anxiety Iíve been having since I saw her. After all, the surgeon might not want to take it out.

I donít know.

Tonight Iím trying to stay calm. Thereís nothing I can do about it right now anyway. I know that if I have a low fat diet, that will help. Fatty, greasy foods make gallbladder pain worse. Iíll just go have my test next week, and wait to see the surgeon.

Besides, if it were something that was some kind of emergency, I know my doctor wouldnít have me wait. She would do something now.

Ok, now I feel a little better. Writing always helps me, and I think I just talked myself out of my anxiety.

I hope you all have a good evening.


May 07 2010 06:43 PM
I am glad writing helped! I am glad you have confirmation this is a real, physical issue and not "in your head". Nothing more frustrating than thinking or being told that.

Here's some possibly better news. Surgery doesn't necessarily mean opening you up. They can do laparoscopic surgery, which means the incision would be minimal. So even if you need surgery, it may not be as bad as you are imagining!
May 07 2010 09:53 PM


It is frustrating to think that. Especially when you've had so many tests, all normal, and then have to see the way people look at you when you talk about the pain. Especially when it's family.

It gives me hope that the surgery might not be that bad. I'm going to try and stay positive about it.

I hope you have a good night, and a great day tomorrow. :)
Hi Untangling,

Good to know that they finally got to the source of your pain. It is taxing when you have had test and nothing seems wrong but you are having terrible symptoms. Gall bladder surgery is not so bad as it use to be they don't usually cut you open any more. Rather they use the lazer surgery where they put a few small holes in the abdomen and perform the surgery through a scope. My Sister had it done a few years back. Hope this takes a little of the stress out of it until you see your Dr.


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