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Food diary day 3

Posted by ~SugarNSpice~ , 03 April 2011 · 81 views

After alot of wine last night, Im drinking lots of water today.
Breakfast was 3 strawberries and 1 pizza roll my guy didnt want
gatorade later
and salad and left over chinese


Food diary day two

Posted by ~SugarNSpice~ , 02 April 2011 · 54 views

I managed to stick it out all night. I normally would have had all kinds of chips and chocolate and jelly beans as a snack but I didnt. I had one late night snack of a handful of jellybeans and reeses pieces mixed together

Today is a special K bar and water for breakfast
Gatorade and beef jerky for lunch
And either left over sausage and spinach pizza a...


Starting my Diet today

Posted by ~SugarNSpice~ , 01 April 2011 · 80 views

Im going to use my blog space here at Pandys as my food journal for my diet. I am very wierd and self concious about people knowing im trying to lose weight, and would feel embarrased and ashamed if anyone in RL were to find my list of what ive eaten through the day. My sisters wedding is in 6 months, Im hoping to lose about 30 lbs by then by eating hea...

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