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Food Diary Day 25

Posted by ~SugarNSpice~ , 25 April 2011 · 124 views

yesterday was nice. I think I did pretty well at my boyfriends moms place, normally we eat chips all afternoon, then all kinds of snack stuff then dinner and dessert. I had a few shrimp and celery with creamcheese and olives before dinner. I had a small amount of jullian potatoes some corn, a biscuit and some ham. im not a big fan of ham and it makes...


Food Diary Day 22

Posted by ~SugarNSpice~ , 23 April 2011 · 165 views

I couldnt fall asleep last night. But I didnt stay up eating the whole time like usual. I did have a 6 pack of beer tho....

No breakfast since i slept in, just having some chai tea to get myself going.
Going out tonight to celebrate my guys new job, today and tomorrow are gunna be diet breakers, but Im hoping to get back on track after the "holida...


Food Diary Day 21

Posted by ~SugarNSpice~ , 22 April 2011 · 176 views

Breakfast is cereal with blackberries
lunch is beef jerkey and powerade zero
dinner is left over chinese and salad
hummas as a snack
snack size kitkat for dessert


Food Diary Day 20

Posted by ~SugarNSpice~ , 21 April 2011 · 125 views

Today is yogurt berry crucnh with fresh blackberries
lunch is powerade and yogurt raisins.
dinner is leftover chinese and a salad
dessert is jellybeans
snack is hummas and crackers


Food Diary Day 19

Posted by ~SugarNSpice~ , 20 April 2011 · 159 views

Today is yogurt berry crunch with blackberries and water for breakfast
powerade zero and beef jerky for lunch
hummas and crackers for snack
Ill have to stop at the store for more healthy choice meals for dinner. Always have a salad with it
dessert whole fruit bar
probably a few beers during the hockey game


Food Diary Day 18

Posted by ~SugarNSpice~ , 19 April 2011 · 143 views

Breakfast is Special K and strawberries, water
Lunch gatorade and beef jerky
dinner salad and either a piece of left over pizza or ham bbq I will try to stick to one today
snack is a pomagranate whole fruit bar


Food Diary Day 17

Posted by ~SugarNSpice~ , 18 April 2011 · 154 views

Today I have off of work. Gunna do some cleaning and lots of relaxing.
Water and a special k bar for breakfast
hummas and pita chips for lunch
and either a left over ham bbq or left over pizza and a salad for dinner
snack is jellybeans

maybe Ill do a small work out today when Im done cleaning up before I get in the shower. depends how long my boyfriend...


Food Diary Day 16

Posted by ~SugarNSpice~ , 17 April 2011 · 100 views

I ended up going to subway after work and had a 6 inch turkey sub
I drank so much but I didnt eat anything else all day

today I had some pita chips and hummas
a salad
2 pieces of meatball pizza and 3 hot wings

Ill go back to eating better tomorrow when im not hung over


Food Diary Day 15

Posted by ~SugarNSpice~ , 16 April 2011 · 65 views

Today is going to be a long day. We are going to a comedy club, and with working all day, then immediatly having to get ready to go I dont know when or what I will end up eating.
I had my special k and 3 strawberries and water for breakfast
lunch will be beef jerky and gatorade. Possibly a chi tea to get my rear in gear
probably wont eat til 11pm or mid...


Food Diary Day 14

Posted by ~SugarNSpice~ , 15 April 2011 · 83 views

Today is Special K and strawberris for breakfast and water
lunch is beef jerky and gatorade
and dinner is salad and ham bbq's Im making in the crock pot before I go to work
snack is hummas and probably gelato since the weather is so nice im definitly in the mood for something cool

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