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Crazy Department

Posted by Siren , 22 December 2009 · 201 views

Crazy Department
(As requested by a member in a comment on the previous entry)

A super-padded room where you can come and set a spell when you're having trouble finding your happy place.

Dec 22 2009 12:23 AM
So we can like bounce or hang off of the walls without fear of hospitalisation ? Posted Image
The responsiveness of this place is postively scary,,,not that I was the requester,,no no wasn't me,,must have been one of "those" ,,,
Oh my goodness - this sounds positively wonderful to me...

Let me see, what spell do I want to cast? Hmm. I could be quite evil with this, but I'm trying really hard not to do so. Instead, I think I'd like to cast a spell so that I can be in a serene setting of some sort...fragrant flowers and butterflies and a waterfall of some sort. That'd make me happy. I guess my spell could transform the room if that is alright.
Dec 22 2009 10:08 AM
Lexie, nooooooooo...don't transform the padded room ! ::she says as the room magically turns into rolling green hills sitting atop a placid lake lapping gently against rocks and reflecting a bright sun in its waters::

Posted Image

Seriously though, I much prefer sticking up-side down to walls and bouncing around the room. Posted Image How large is this room ? Maybe we can each have a corner of it to reflect our idea of a "happy place" ? ::casts floating / magic walls spell in her padded corner::

I think if we get to control our spells, one corner can be serene and whatnot while the rest can remain padded an fun to bounce against.
What's with all the spell-casting? This isn't a room for crazy wiccans. It's a room for wicked crazies. Duh.

Lexie is confused. If she can cast such spells, then she already knows how to get to her happy place and she doesn't need the Crazy Department.

Then again, maybe Lexie's particular craziness is to think she can accomplish something by casting spells while setting for a spell in a padded room.

Well, we can all be confused together.

I'm sorry, SW, you can't have your own corner because corners are sharp and there's no sharps allowed in the crazy room. However you can have your own padded indentation and some crayons if you like. Dull crayons, I mean.

And callisto, even if you are the person who requested the Crazy Department, clearly one has been necessary for some time, so if you are that person, and I'm not saying you are, you should feel proud of yourself for performing a public service.
Well ! drudging my name up along with the creation of this department in the same sentence,...

I know "people" and in fact have the direct line to the president to report such slander.

If this is a red herring to deflect who the REAL suspect is, then I can understand not wanting to stir up any unnecessary paranoia. wink wink..
It's a diversion to flush out the real person who requested it. Based on the "doth protest too much methinks" differential diagnosis standard, of course.

Then again, maybe Lexie's particular craziness is to think she can accomplish something by casting spells while setting for a spell in a padded room.

Duh - hence I am in said padded room to begin with.
My protesting too much was another red herring...glad it worked ! hahahahahahah
help help, what do i do?????

Touch your skin to real things in the real world...

Find a feline...stroke and feel the purr.

I'm sorry things are so hard, and that these suggestions are so lame.
oh thank goodness .
I feel especially crazy because I am unable to post a new blog entry. it is driving me positively insane !!!! When is this madness going to end???
I can't find the fun department where the super 8 ball is and every other deptment sends me on a wild goose chase, so I am putting my query here.

What happened to Luna and do you think she will ever return?

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