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where phrases such as " move on "or "get over it" are irrelevant

Posted by Zelda , 09 December 2013 · 223 views

just thought i would share this little tid bitPosted Image

Thank you so much - I can really relate to this right now - especially the 'get over it' bit :-(

Thank you for posting the message about healing from PTSD etc. 


In my experience, it is other people's wish that you would 'get over it'.  If they are told of our CSA or SA experiences, it is so traumatic, that they cannot find it within themselves to support us to work through the trauma.  They want it to be 'over' so they don't have to address it and have to deal with it. 


That may be what they want.  Unfortunately, or should I say...fortunately, they haven't been through it and want us to 'hurry up' through the healing process not understanding how deep the impact of such acts can have on someone. 


If you can find someone who cares enough about you to allow you the time to work through the trauma, that is very precious.  Whether that be a friend or partner, or your T, that is so important to help you start your healing. 


Best wishes for you.


Tina  :)

Tina   I would love to find a friend or partner with that kind of patience. I guess I should keep believing it's possible. Thanks for mentioning that.

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