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a flash then a memory then panic

Posted by Zelda , 25 July 2011 · 191 views

heart pounding panic from a decades old memory and a relatively inocuous one at that. I finally opened my mailbox and retrieved the smashed stacks of cards and bills. I am an expert at sweeping everything under the rug.

so the memory is - I am writing this for my own sake. As a teenager my first boyfriend was over at our house. I was in the bathroom, brushing my hair and mugging at myself in the mirror, basically being weird, Smiling and acting as though I were conversing with him and checking out how I looked and he walked and caught me doing this and was shocked.

I don't honestly know how weird that was, but I was embarrased at the time and knew something was wrong with me ..I just don't know why all the panic about it now.

Jul 25 2011 08:45 PM
i too am an expert at sweeping things under the rug...well wishes sent ur way
i left my p.o. box without opening it for so long that when i finally went to do it my key didn't work. it was no longer mine (it was only paid for a year) and they had thrown out any mail in it.

so i think i am an expert too.

the memory may be connected to more, possibly? sorry if i am wrong, disregard.
to convenient those rugs...

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