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Making sense of it

Posted by Louise , 06 August 2007 · 189 views

I wondered if the thread on writing letters to our perps wouldn't be a more appropriate setting for this blog, but I'm not too sure what I think yet, or would say. It's likely to change, and I'm thankful for a blog to have a stream-of-consciousness rant. No need for replies; I just want to get shit off my chest.

If you read the below, ple...

fretting for my chick

Posted by , 09 September 2005 · 159 views

My lovely seventeen year old son, Nick, has been offered a room in a house with some people with whom he gets on really well.The house is five minutes away, Nick works for his dad so I'll see him all the time, and yet I feel absolutely slaughtered. I can't stop crying...and I know I'm overreacting - I mean it isn't as if he's going acr...

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