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living a lonely existance

Posted by lisalis , 15 October 2011 · 100 views


wow I have not used this in a long time, i am thinking that maybe I should more often, I went to T on friday and it was just a really hard session, made contact with my inner child and we did what my T is calling chair work which is basically me talking to myself at 5 and my 5 year old self talking to me. It is just so hard I dont like to do thi...



Posted by lisalis , 19 September 2009 · 100 views

why does this happen everywhere I feel safe and like going??? there was a perv at the dog park and he kept asking me questions that were totally inappropriate the next thing he could have done was assault me. I don't feel like I can go anywhere. All I hear is shark attack music wherever I go. and I am the fish. I just cant take another time and eve...


starting group today

Posted by lisalis , 09 September 2009 · 92 views

I am starting a sexual assault group tonight and I am a little worried Ive done this before but when I am with other survivors in real life its harder to open up sometimes. I am excited too becuase I have what someone described to me before as ego states and I have a little 4 year old me that is desperate to meet someone else like herself..er myself? Im...

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