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Posted by ladyshen92 , 26 March 2012 · 18 views

Lifes a little sucky at the moment. Its just been my 6th anniversary and each one doesn't seem to be getting any easier. So I've got three weeks of uni for easter starting today and two assignments to be getting on with but no willpower. Great combination. My girlfriends working at least 60 hours a week, leaving me on my own but she still has time to take her friend to the beech. Sucks to be me. On the plus side I'm gettinf inked in 3 days. Nervous much. Not about the pain but about being sat in a chair with a man touching me for 5 hours.
Blogging because I'm sick of all these thoughts going round in my head, at least now I can look back and see how good I'm feeling.

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