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In my head


The IDK's

Posted by lostinsideofme , in Therapy 12 May 2009 · 62 views

So today I had therapy and I was all wound up and set to go in there talking. Only as soon as she opened the door I shut down and went on the defensive. To every question she asked, my answer was idk. at first i was just saying it so I didn't have to answer, but then I realized, i really didn't know. I disclosed how I don't like my sister....


Just Shut Up

Posted by lostinsideofme , in Emotions 12 May 2009 · 62 views

Why is it that every time I turn around someone is shutting me up. I'm not free to express myself anywhere. There are so many things I need to say, that I need to release so I can have some calm, peace. But no, once I open my mouth someone rips out my vocal cords, and wires my jaw shut. I was raped, I was abused, I hurt, I hurt myself, I hate myse...


She's Hotttt.... OMG did I just say that?

Posted by lostinsideofme , in Exploring 11 May 2009 · 76 views

A girl rode past me the other day on a bike, and I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Which is weird, because I'm crazy hetero. But man I can honestly say that I was thinking nasty thoughts about me and her. Thoughts like this are becoming more and more of the norm in my mind. Not to many solo guy on girl fantasies, rather its 3 somes and girl...


Grades are In

Posted by lostinsideofme , in School 10 May 2009 · 81 views

Another semester down. All B's. I didn't think I would make it through this semester, but I'm glad I did. Now its on to pediatrics, and maternity. I'm scared for these rotations, I love children, not so fond of pregnant women, but I love children. I just hope it doesn't activate something in me. Just hearing about peoples miscarria...


Mother's Day

Posted by lostinsideofme , in Memories 10 May 2009 · 73 views

I hate mothers day. SO many negative memories flood my head. I keep getting this image of my mother walking away from me when I was two. Putting me outside on the porch to wait for my father to come get me. It was then that my parents divorced and my mother left me out of her life. And now here I am in my 20's about the same age she was when she...


Stupid Professor

Posted by lostinsideofme , in School 09 May 2009 · 64 views

How is it possible that an advance practicing nurse in psychiatry could have absolutely no compassion for a student with a psychiatric issue? I mean you would think of all the professors one could encounter they would be the most forgiving and understanding. They could care less how much their class is effecting my psychologically, all they are concerne...

Guide to my world

I put up a general *TRIGGER WARNING* for all those who read. This is me being as real as I can get, trying not to hold back. Working through memories and life's challenges in the aftermath.

Randomness tends to have the most content, but I warn you, it gets pretty random.

When I find more courage, My stories, will have more content. For now walk with my through my therapeutic adventures and rants.

School sucks, but at least its finally over.

Emotions, Memories are full of raw emotion.

Recently I've been Exploring My Sexuality

Welcome to my world.~lost~

What I'm Pondering

How do you overcome something that has been ingrained in you? Is it possible, or is it like fighting against your genes?

How on earth do turkeys get their fat asses in the air?

If I evolved from a primate, how come I've forgotten how to climb a tree?

Who can fry an egg on a sidewalk? I can barely fry an egg in a pan.

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