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I hate psychiatry

Posted by lostinsideofme , in Therapy 24 January 2012 · 177 views

So. In the past 2 weeks i've seen the psychiatrist again, who refuses to give me meds, but instead refers me to a therapist and a DBT group. Not really liking this idea right now, but hey if thats how I have to get the meds I'll go along with it, right? wrong.... This psych doc is bullshitting me. She tells me if I go to therapy and start the DBT group we can meet to talk about which meds might work best for me.

So i schedule an appointment with her, she calls and cancels. Hmm... :( She calls me later that evening, only to recant her original statement about being willing to prescribe me meds if I go to therapy and the group. Now she's saying she doesn't think meds would be beneficial at all for me, and she wants to see me complete (16 week group) the DBT group before even considering prescribing me anything. I think shes a quack. DId psych meds suddenly become a controlled substance? I mean I'm not asking for ativan or xanax, just a little celexa... This is rediculous.

Oh and by the way, DBT is the dumbest thing I've encountered so far. Do I really need a class on how to get in touch with me. "listen to your body, feel you breath, what emotions do you feel" blah blah blah. can't believe these people get paid for this shit. I'm going to yoga, at least that way I can hear the bull and still get a workout.

Jan 24 2012 06:44 PM
I'm really sorry you have ended up with her. She sounds ridiculous! I know how you feel.

Mine refused to even entertain discussing my med concerns with me. She totally dismissed me, and then just shut me out on the whole subject.

Honestly, I don't know what it is with some of these "professionals". Is it a god complex? Do we trample their professional toes when we speak up and make our concerns known?

And yeah, DBT does sound ridiculous. Of course, I only went to the first DBT group that it took me forever to convince myself to try. And that was only because I was totally reassured that there would be no men in the group, and then what do I find?

I love your take on yoga, and I will keep that in mind!

Seriously, though, I am thinking of you, and I hope your needs are met. You are important, and they should be.

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