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Later this same day

Posted by , 17 May 2005 · 48 views

I swear I work with idiots.I swear I swear I swear....Meds.I am med certified and I get to call in and administer meds to my clients.Its certainly NOT brain surgery..If your calling in PRNS , i.e Advil,Sudafed,Robitussin, you take the script number off of the old drug call it in to the pharmacy,document it in the med log and thats it.BUT before you do th...

Worn and Beaten within

Posted by , 17 May 2005 · 46 views

Wow Its been almost a week since Ive written.Im tired right now, that bone weary, wrung out and left to keep consuming air.I cried so hard yesterday.Thoughts of wanting to cut are very prevalent and I dont know how to escape them.My husband and I got into it.He for somereason seems to think that if he yells or talks sterner at me I will "toughen"...

I cant sleep

Posted by , 05 May 2005 · 54 views

I cant sleep or breathe.im soo sick , I wish my sinuses would clear up and the racy feeling will go away - probably due to a combination of over the counter meds and caffeine.I dont like feeling like this!!!!!!! :tear:

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