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New job?

Posted by LadyTerri , 02 November 2005 · 152 views

Yay! My hour & a half one way commutes are almost a thing of the past! I can not wait to be working "normal" hours.I can not wait to spend every (well almost every) nite at home with my other half.I can not wait to have regular horsey time& puppy time.
I ended up doing the over nite last nite, and my one semi verbal client almost drove me over the edge in to insanity.He was up well past two, mumbling incessantly about potatos.Im soo sorry,I have patience, but good freaking god I was almost ready to throttle him.
I keep saying to myself..it will all be over in 13 days..it will all be over in 13 days.....
It cant come fast enough!


YAYYYYYYYYY Congrats on the new job :D

take care,

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