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Weeping with relief ~ a reprieve

Posted by LadyTerri , 07 February 2007 · 135 views

I got the bestest phone call at 3:58 pm.From our couples therapist.Mondays session was the stopping point for me,I was completely dissassociated and blocked off.Well who the hell wouldnt be if after hearing the therapist ask for positive acknowledgements from each other,the only thing my husband could come out with was that he had NOTHING to acknowledge me for,as he feels theres been nothing but frustration and anger towards me for the last year.that'll give anyone the warm fuzzies.And any words i actually do manage to get out in session are used against me, like weapons.Finally I had had ENOUGH.
I called and left a message stating the need for a change.
Either make me gone for a few sessions so my husband can be "heard" , or make a formal agreement that whats said in therapy stays in therapy and isnt used as weaponry outside of session.
After hearing that , the therapist called my husband on his behaviour, and he acknowledged it & agreed to individual work.
This is only a reprieve, as the therapist told me that at some point in the not too distant future we would have to reconvene in couples therapy.
Im soo happy.
Im praying for this to work.

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