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Taking it one step at a time

Posted by , 05 April 2005 · 80 views

Everyday is a struggle and some days are better than others. I'm enrolling in a self defense class this Spring and I look forward to getting stronger and healthier, both mentally and physically.

Today is a Good day

Posted by , 05 April 2005 · 81 views

Things are going well today. I feel safe and grounded. The information on this site is wonderful. :D

A Shoulder to Lean On

Posted by , 04 April 2005 · 75 views

How? can one be a shoulder to lean on when you need a shoulder yourself?

Any Advice?

Posted by , 04 April 2005 · 83 views

Hello All, I am a survivor of sorts. I have been attacked a few times, but have always managed to fight off my attackers. Even though I have taken a few self-defense courses and I talk to my students all the time about awareness, personal boundaries, and healing, I often feel as if I am not doing enough.I want to feel better faster. I have days when I fee...

I appreciate this

Posted by , 04 April 2005 · 77 views

I am very happy that there is a site where people can go and share their experiences. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this sister/survivor/network. :P

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