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A Flowering Rose


As a Side Note In General

Posted by FloweringRose , 24 January 2013 · 120 views

So with everything I used to post about my grandmother, and all the feelings I used to have? It wasn't all in my head. My grandmother has some issues that my mother had to deal with growing up too, and well I got some relief knowing it wasn't just me. Some of her behavior in August and October were so appalling too (my grandmother) that I couldn...


I Have a Problem

Posted by FloweringRose , 24 January 2013 · 124 views

And I feel it's getting worse.

I've gotten to the point where anyone expressing anger, if it's not specifically stated towards who or what, I assume it's towards me. I wait every single day to have someone tell me that I am bad, terrible, shouldn't live, shouldn't talk, shouldn't be who I am etc. I keep waiting for that searin...

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