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A Flowering Rose


Another Poem

Posted by FloweringRose , 09 February 2009 · 30 views

You have me pinned and life has me pinned
Stuck in all this pain i've been living in...
You still tug at my shirt and you still consume me with your eyes
And when the pain's so bad, I ask God why I'm still alive...
I should've known I wasn't the blessed one
Should've found a way to run
From this life while I could
Now what's th...


Mt First Poem

Posted by FloweringRose , 05 February 2009 · 34 views

I close my eyes to escape it
An image only trapped in my mind
I squint trying to crush it within
But it presses at me in kind
It's nott hat I want to see you,
Far from that I want you to go
You were my greatest curse and my nightmare
But that's why within my darkness you stow...
The pain and luggage you left me,
Bite my lip like you tried to do to...


Today, Today Was Good

Posted by FloweringRose , 04 February 2009 · 24 views

I just used chat for the first time and everything everyone said and talked about helped me so much. I saw people in the healing process and it made me feel that despite all the awful feelings inside, I can gain back my trust of others and I will get back that LOVE I'm missing. That this isolation can slowly break and one day I'll come out beyond...


Forgiveness: Can I Find It In Me?

Posted by FloweringRose , 03 February 2009 · 30 views

It's only been the second night of finding all the anger in me. Anger at myself, anger at my dad, anger at the man in France, anger at men and my fear oft hem and anger att he world for letting this all happen.
Right now I'm okay but it gets so overwhelming sometimes I want to hurt something. Let something else feel all the pain I have felt inside...

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