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So Happy With My Progress

Posted by FloweringRose , 11 January 2013 · 57 views

I'm actually really amazed how well I'm doing in general lately. Feel like pinching myself. I spent so long spent feeling like life was worthless, like there wasn't any hope outside of my relationships. And well, all of my major relationships fell apart, for horrible circumstances, huge betrayals.. and yet here I am. And happier than ever o_o It's really confusing actually, though I'm not saying I'm not happy about. Far from it, I am INCREDIBLY grateful.

I'm not sure what's brought about the change really. A year of therapy? All the reading I've been doing on trauma and healing? Being in school? J and what he told me? Something else entirely? I don't even miss my ex anymore. It's just the strangest thing, how so much has come together. It's not that my life has changed suddenly, save for the fact I am FINALLY free of abusive relationships :yahoo: I still have the same past though. And yet here I am, satisfied with the fact I even still exist. It's me who is changed. I'm glad I've made it to this time of my life to see it happen <3

:D I hope things keep looking up as time goes on. I think I have an incredible year ahead of me. It's just wonderful to look back at the posts here, and my feelings from before and realize I've come forward in huge strides, and there's much much more to come.

I hope everyone else is well too <3

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