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Feeling..... Odd.

Posted by FloweringRose , 12 February 2011 · 21 views

I don't have a word for it. I just feel like everything I'm dealing with has changed *again*.

I wonder if I'm actually processing anything even though I know I am, or at least doing my best. It's just all the memories, feelings sensations are all so new/way out of my "normal" range that I almost feel I'm starting healing from scratch. Again. I know I'm not but you know....

Stuff is argh inside. Argh. We're all pretty co-conscious so I guess a few of them have taken the time to share with me their memories, good AND bad. And they all come so furious/mushed I end up a little swamped.

That's all though. Not a huge thing, though it is. I just don't want it to be huge right now, it's to early in the day to not be numb -.- Though maybe if I overload now I can actually sleep tonight I'll be so exhausted? (Yeah who else analyzes their meltdowns?......-.-")

DID conference (aninfinitemind) was AMAZING though, amazing amazing amazing. Can't rave about it enough :)
It was just so awesome. I'm really really glad we went. :D

Anyhow I don't know what else to say yet...my mind is kind of stealing out the words so I'm hitting a lot of blanks.

I don't really have anything to add but wanted to jot down here that I am reading you. I am also glad about the conference, that's great !

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